"Joshua Flores is an independent Pop/R&B artist from Texas. Starting his love for music and performing at the young age of 11. Joshua Flores is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer." 


Joshua Flores is a 21 year old Pop/R&B Independent artist from Texas. He got started in the music business when he was at the young of 11 years old. Having posted many videos on youtube at that time, caused him to get some attention. An executive from an Independent record label out of Miami, contacted him and wanted him to demo a couple of songs and see how he would sound. Well, needless to say, he was signed to that label shortly afterwards.​ For the next 6 and half years he was in development, recording, rehearsing and learning how the music business worked. Unfortunately, Not much of a career came out of that experience, except learning about how things work when you are signed to a label.

When he turned 18 years old, the record label folded and Joshua was able to get released from his contract. Ever since then, he has been trying to restart his career, his way, by writing and recording his original music. He is about to release his 2nd EP on August 21, 2020. And I think skies the limit!!